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2022 Umpires Appointments for Philip Cambray

Contact info for: Ned Wilsher: Home: : Mobile: 07802 965507
Contact info for: Jeremy Spring: Home: 01491 871 197 : Mobile: 07831 866 700
Contact info for: Stephen Noyes: Home: : Mobile: 07746 775726
Contact info for: Stephen Theobald: Home: 01276 32367 : Mobile: 07785 513 173
Contact info for: Matt York: Home: : Mobile: 07900950741
Match Date Division Match Other Umpire
match has taken place14 May Division 2a Uxbridge vs. Kew Ned Wilsher
match has taken place21 May Division 1 Eversley vs. Ickenham Jeremy Spring
match has taken place28 May Division 1 Cookham Dean vs. Eversley Stephen Noyes
match has taken place4 June Division 1 Boyne Hill vs. Stoke Green Stephen Theobald
match has taken place11 June Division 1 Burnham vs. Eversley Matt York


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