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2022 Umpires Appointments for Martin Harris

Contact info for: Alan Kennealy: Home: : Mobile: 07887745400
Contact info for: Raleigh Hullock: Home: : Mobile: 07831660307
Contact info for: Gwilym Morris: Home: : Mobile: 07906247737
Contact info for: Simon Lewis: Home: : Mobile: 07842115219
Contact info for: Bob Woodmansee: Home: 01628 521206 : Mobile: 07901 553441
Contact info for: Mick Greenwood: Home: : Mobile: 07974792798
Contact info for: Keith Machin: Home: 01628 418 775 : Mobile: 07505 516 179
Contact info for: Keith Bristow: Home: : Mobile: 07395088758
Match Date Division Match Other Umpire
match has taken place7 May Division 3a Aldershot vs. Sonning Alan Kennealy
match has taken place14 May Division 3a Kidmore End vs. Aldershot Raleigh Hullock
match has taken place21 May Division 3a Aldershot vs. Theale & Tilehurst Gwilym Morris
match has taken place28 May Division 3a Aldershot vs. Thatcham Town Simon Lewis
match has taken place4 June Division 3a Wargrave 2 vs. Aldershot Bob Woodmansee
match has taken place11 June Division 3a Aldershot vs. Harpsden Mick Greenwood
match has taken place18 June Division 3a White Waltham vs. Aldershot Keith Machin
match has taken place25 June Division 3a Aldershot vs. Windsor Keith Bristow


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