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Performances of the week for 1 September 2018


Top 10 Highest Team Scores

Taplow 2314Cove 3 vs. Taplow 2Division 6bScorecard
Boyne Hill 4313Thatcham Town 3 vs. Boyne Hill 4Division 8aScorecard
Marlow 2312Marlow 2 vs. Beaconsfield 2Division 4bScorecard
Ruislip294Chiswick & Whitton vs. RuislipDivision 3bScorecard
Slough 3283Slough 3 vs. North Maidenhead 2Division 4bScorecard
Farnham Common282Windsor 2 vs. Farnham CommonDivision 5aScorecard
Kidmore End276Kidmore End vs. WindsorDivision 2aScorecard
Hayes275Hayes vs. Amersham 2Division 2aScorecard
Farnham Common 2275Farnham Common 2 vs. Eastcote 4Division 6aScorecard
Wraysbury 2273Farnham Royal 2 vs. Wraysbury 2Division 6aScorecard

Top 10 Quickest Wins



Top 20 Highest Individual Scores

Geyhas KhanSlough 3North Maidenhead 2Division 4b137*Scorecard
Prabhjot SinghHayesAmersham 2Division 2a136Scorecard
Charlie WeeksKew 3Chesham 3Division 5a113Scorecard
Andrew HitchcockPrinces Risborough 2Ickenham 4Division 9b112*Scorecard
Sean Phillips-WilliamsMaidenhead & BrayOMTDivision 2a109*Scorecard
Scott WilsherIckenhamDatchet 2Division 3b109Scorecard
Gordon MorganWraysbury 2Farnham Royal 2Division 6a107Scorecard
Gary LovedayFinchampstead 2WargraveDivision 2b106*Scorecard
Dhavalkumar NorotamHarefield 2Farnham RoyalDivision 3a105*Scorecard
Robert NobleWindsor 2Farnham CommonDivision 5a103*Scorecard
Duncan JohnsonThatcham Town 2Purley-on-Thames 2Division 5b100Scorecard
Summer AbbasTaplow 2Cove 3Division 6b98Scorecard
Tom RowlandNPLKew 2Division 3b97Scorecard
Bill BurnettEversley 3Theale & Tilehurst 3Division 7a93*Scorecard
James MagowanEversleyMarlowDivision 2a92Scorecard
Graeme PaskinsMarlow 2Beaconsfield 2Division 4b92Scorecard
Philip BrennanReading 2Bagshot 2Division 4a91Scorecard
Michael CowdellWargraveFinchampstead 2Division 2b89Scorecard
Raja B IkhlaqMarlowEversleyDivision 2a89*Scorecard
Stephen WindsorRuislipChiswick & WhittonDivision 3b86Scorecard


Top 20 Bowling Performances

Sheryar BaigSlough 3North Maidenhead 2Division 4b6-10Scorecard
Alkesh VajaMaidenhead & BrayOMTDivision 2a6-18Scorecard
Chris SketchleyHigh Wycombe 3Wooburn NarkoviansDivision 3a6-36Scorecard
Hazel WilkinsonWokingham 5Reading 4Division 9a6-48Scorecard
Jack CollettBinfieldNewburyDivision 4a5-13Scorecard
Nathan WarwickBinfield 2Reading 3Division 6b5-23Scorecard
Austyn JacksonPurley-on-ThamesCove 2Division 3a5-25Scorecard
Asim IbrahimWraysbury 2Farnham Royal 2Division 6a5-25Scorecard
Chris CurryTring Park 3Barnes Wild GeeseDivision 6a5-29Scorecard
Vijay KalalbandiMaidenhead & Bray 2Chalfont St PeterDivision 5a5-32Scorecard
Andrew SheldonPrinces Risborough 2Ickenham 4Division 9b5-33Scorecard
Charlie FarrantNPLKew 2Division 3b5-34Scorecard
Stephen CollinsSulhamstead & Ufton 2Wokingham 4Division 7a5-35Scorecard
Kevin RapleyWargrave 3Hayes 3Division 8a5-37Scorecard
Satpal Singh MadhanRoyal Ascot 4Bradfield 2Division 8a5-43Scorecard
Joe HogganMarlow ParkBeaconsfield 3Division 8b5-47Scorecard
Glenn BucknellFarnham Royal 2Wraysbury 2Division 6a5-56Scorecard
Kai ZiemkendorfWindsor 2Farnham CommonDivision 5a5-57Scorecard
Saeed AnjumFarnham Common 3Hayes 4Division 8b4-10Scorecard
Sahan NanayakkareCookham DeanBoyne HillDivision 14-16Scorecard


3 or more Dismissals in a Match


PlayerTeamOppositionDivisionNum. Catches
Nick WiggettRoyal AscotThatcham TownDivision 2b4Scorecard
Tom HoworthEversleyMarlowDivision 2a4Scorecard
Jonathan ComfortFleetFalkland 2Division 3a3Scorecard
Andrew MacEwenSulhamstead & Ufton 2Wokingham 4Division 7a3Scorecard
Charlie DaleFalklandReadingDivision 13Scorecard
Joshua PainterHayesAmersham 2Division 2a3Scorecard
Calum EdgarDatchet 2IckenhamDivision 3b3Scorecard
Mati ShokarDatchet 4Bagshot 3Division 8a3Scorecard
Majid MahamoodFarnham Common 2Eastcote 4Division 6a3Scorecard
Tom FrayCookham DeanBoyne HillDivision 13Scorecard
Todd ButlerKidmore End 3Yateley 3Division 9a3Scorecard
Steve BelcherSulhamstead & UftonRoyal Ascot 2Division 4a3Scorecard
Jack ByrneBradfieldAldershot 3Division 6b3Scorecard
David Cranfield-ThompsonHigh Wycombe 2Wokingham 2Division 2b3Scorecard
Andy EnglishRoyal AscotThatcham TownDivision 2b3Scorecard
Harry KibbleWraysbury 2Farnham Royal 2Division 6a3Scorecard
Mark LinesWindsorKidmore EndDivision 2a3Scorecard


PlayerTeamOppositionDivisionNum. Stumpings
James McClellanBoyne Hill 2Henley 3Division 4a3Scorecard