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Thames Valley Cricket League 2023 Averages for Chris Baker

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Team Matches Inns Not Out Runs HS Ave 100s 50s 4s 6s RPI Balls Mins Catches Stumpings
Falkland 14 14 2 335 67*27.92--236623.93122246030

Top 10 Batting Partnerships

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* Denotes Player was the Not Out Batsman in the Partnership

# Denotes Partnership was unbroken

Partnership Team Division Fixture Date Wicket No. Score Other Batsman Other Score
151Falkland Division 1 Falkland vs Ickenham 13/5/2023 567Richard Morris 112 Scorecard
120Falkland Division 1 Cookham Dean vs Falkland 12/8/2023 143James Bird 62 Scorecard
96Falkland Division 1 Falkland vs Henley 2 24/6/2023 458*Connor Wardlaw 45 Scorecard
75Falkland Division 1 Falkland vs Uxbridge 08/7/2023 126James Bird 46 Scorecard
49Falkland Division 1 Falkland vs Eversley 19/8/2023 118James Bird 25 Scorecard
46Falkland Division 1 Boyne Hill vs Falkland 01/7/2023 331Brandon Gilmour 30 Scorecard
36Falkland Division 1 Falkland vs Boyne Hill 02/9/2023 322Connor Wardlaw 16 Scorecard
33Falkland Division 1 Eversley vs Falkland 17/6/2023 514Anthony Hennis 44 Scorecard
28Falkland Division 1 Falkland vs Cookham Dean 10/6/2023 69Connor Wardlaw 30 Scorecard
27Falkland Division 1 Henley 2 vs Falkland 26/8/2023 430Brandon Gilmour 10 Scorecard


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Team Overs Mdns Runs Wickets Ave Best 5 Wkts Econ SR
Falkland 1.0 0 9----0-0--9.00--


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Team Catches Stumpings Total
Falkland3 0 3

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Team Opposition Date Division Score How Out # 4s 6s Balls Mins O M R W Ave Econ SR
Falkland vs Ickenham on 13/5/2023 in Division 167*Not Out batting at 6337593Scorecard
Falkland vs Wokingham 2 on 20/5/2023 in Division 17Bowled batting at 7-16-Scorecard
Falkland vs Tring Park Cricket Club on 27/5/2023 in Division 15Caught batting at 61-1011Scorecard
Falkland vs Stoke Green on 03/6/2023 in Division 11Caught batting at 6--4-Scorecard
Falkland vs Cookham Dean on 10/6/2023 in Division 19Bowled batting at 71-1315Scorecard
Falkland vs Eversley on 17/6/2023 in Division 114Caught batting at 63-15231 0 9 0-9.00-Scorecard
Falkland vs Henley 2 on 24/6/2023 in Division 158*Not Out batting at 29166101Scorecard
Falkland vs Boyne Hill on 01/7/2023 in Division 131Caught batting at 25-770-Scorecard
Falkland vs Uxbridge on 08/7/2023 in Division 126LBW batting at 23-5069Scorecard
Falkland vs Tring Park Cricket Club on 29/7/2023 in Division 14Bowled batting at 2--1225Scorecard
Falkland vs Cookham Dean on 12/8/2023 in Division 143Caught batting at 24170-Scorecard
Falkland vs Eversley on 19/8/2023 in Division 118Caught batting at 23-3448Scorecard
Falkland vs Henley 2 on 26/8/2023 in Division 130Caught batting at 22-42-Scorecard
Falkland vs Boyne Hill on 02/9/2023 in Division 122Caught batting at 22-5575Scorecard

Runs Scored